Karlsruhe, July 19th 2018. HQS has developed a port between ProjectQ and Cirq, called CirqProjectQ. ProjectQ is an open source tool to compile source code for quantum computers. Cirq is an open source framework developed by Google for building and experimenting with noisy intermediate scale quantum (NISQ) algorithms on near-term quantum processors. HQS is an early stage partner of Google and has had early access to Cirq.

CirqProjectQ provides two main functionalities:

1. A ProjectQ backend to convert a ProjectQ algorithm to a cirq.Circuit.

2. ProjectQ decompositions from common gates to native Xmon gates that can be used to simulate a Google quantum computer with ProjectQ.

As an example for the power of Cirq, HQS Quantum Simulations provides the source code for the simulation of the Anderson model. The Anderson model is an important model of condensed matter physics and explains main phenomena like charge transport properties of disordered materials.

“Cirq offers many features which make it simple and intuitive to program a quantum computer. To integrate it into our programming stack we created a port between ProjectQ and Cirq, which could also be useful for many other users. We are grateful to be an early stage partner of Google and to get the chance to use Cirq”, Dr. Michael Marthaler, CTO, HQS Quantum Simulations.

CirqProjectQ and the source code for the Anderson model are publicly accessible on the HQS GitHub. More details on the simulation of the Anderson Model can be found here.

About HQS:

The development of molecules for materials and pharma is a difficult, expensive and long process. Simulations are a tool to accelerate these R&D processes, but can’t be efficiently used in many cases. HQS Quantum Simulations is developing quantum algorithms to predict molecular properties for chemical and pharmaceutical companies. The HQS software works on conventional computers and potentially on state of the art quantum computers. As a consequence, we can accelerate research and development processes for our customers, widen the understanding of chemical and physical interactions which leads to better products and processes.

Quantum computers will bring fundamental changes to the development of materials and drugs, HQS will guide the customers to profit from the new chances and minimize the risks of change – via information, pilot projects and quantum simulation of molecules and processes.